Lumper Service


Lumper service is required by some outfits, and this isn’t a bad thing. For a driver, this is an opportunity to do less loading and unloading. Anyone that is unfamiliar with lumper services will find that they can be a service or scam, depending on which third-party service you use.


What is a Lumper?

A lumper is a third-party service used to load and unload a truck. An owner-operator may not want to unload the goods they haul, so a third-party may be used. A receiver may also hire one of these services to load and unload.

This is a common service in the grocery distribution sector.

But you want to keep in mind that a carrier cannot be forced to pay for this unloading service without being reimbursed. This is law under: 49 U.S. Code § 14103 – Loading and unloading motor vehicles.

So, if you’re an owner-operator that’s been told they must pay for a lumper service, this is not legal.

You can take action if forced to pay.

This is where the “scam” portion of the business occurs. You’ll find plenty of reputable services that offer lumper service, and it’s a service that eliminates much of the heavy lifting a driver is required to perform.